Typical Reasons For Water Damage

Water damage is a common problem that almost everyone experiences at least once. Even if you haven’t yet, chances are high that you will eventually deal with this issue. Unfortunately, restoring or repairing water damage can end up being expensive. While just an inch or two of water may not seem like a big issue initially, it can cause significant water damage to your property. Because of this, it’s essential to identify some of the most common culprits of water damage. 

Water Damage GulfportWater Damage in Gulfport

Keeping up with the maintenance of appliances and plumbing is essential to lower the chances of water damage in your home. However, many other issues cause water damage, and knowing what to look for is essential. Though you may be great at being consistent with maintenance, these issues can still persist. More importantly, acting immediately is critical. When you notice any potential water damage issue, replace and repair it as soon as possible. 

Severe Weather

Severe weather is an uncontrollable force that can cause damage to your home, but you can always be prepared. Heavy rain or strong winds can harm your roof and cause leaks. If gutters are not maintained, water can damage sidings and seep into the basement, leading to flooding and foundation cracks. To prevent water damage, you can reseal windows and basements, fix foundation cracks, clean gutters at least twice a year, ensure water drains away from your home, and regularly check your roof for leaks.

A/C Condensation

Air conditioning units take heat and humidity out of your home through a condensation line, which cools the air before transferring it back into your indoor space. This process works perfectly until the drain pans become damaged or the condensation lines break or become clogged. If the water cannot flow out, it will leak from your AC and into your home. This can cause damage to your floors and walls, as well as make your insulation soggy. Keeping your AC in good working condition is essential to prevent water damage.

Blocked Drains 

Accidental blockages or clogs in drains and pipes are one of the significant causes of water damage in homes. Drains in showers, sinks, tubs, and floors can get clogged by various things, such as hair, grease, or dirt buildup. Sometimes, foreign objects such as toys or clothing block these drains and pipes, especially when kids are around. These can obstruct the normal flow of water and lead to clogging. If clogged gutters are not dealt with immediately, they can easily cause flooding and water damage inside your property.

These examples are just a few ways that water can infiltrate your home. Unfortunately, water damage can occur in many other ways. Although you can prepare yourself as best as possible, sometimes problems come out of nowhere. However, you do not have to face the challenge of dealing with water damage alone. You can seek the help of professionals at Restoration 1 of Gulf Coast, who are always available to assist you in cleaning up water damage in your home, regardless of the cause.