The Dangers of Black Water Damage in Your Gulf Coast Home

Photo by schankz for Shutterstock

When it comes to water damage, the last thing professionals want to find is that you have “black” water damage. The name “black water” has nothing to its physical appearance; its contaminants make it dangerously toxic to people. If your Gulf Coast home ever encounters it, it’s imperative to act as quickly as you can. Here are the dangers of black water damage.

Black Water Is Generally From Natural Disaster or Sewer Malfunction

In the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, flooding is fairly common. Whether it’s river flooding or coastal flooding, excess water flows across a wide territory. As a result, it could contain soil, sewage water, fungi, and litter.

Sewage is even worse. On top of everything just mentioned, sewage can contain microbes, bacteria, waste, and diseases. These could include gastroenteritic, typhoid, hepatitis, and cholera. Because we’re dealing with human waste, there’s a risk of norovirus and parasitic infections.

When we receive a call regarding water damage from an outdoor flood or a sewer backup, we immediately tell our homeowners to get to a safer place. We want to eliminate the risk of exposure to all of these dangers.

Black Water Requires Disposal and Disinfecting

After black water damage, you’ll have to throw out many of your unsalvageable possessions. Time is of the essence when it comes to saving your home and belongings. As soon as a homeowner notices water, they need to call for professional help. The sooner a crew can get the water soaked up, the more items that can be saved.

Black water requires extra attention and a more stringent cleaning process with intense disinfection. Permanent repairs to your home will be necessary with this kind of water, and as a matter of safety, it’s wise to trust the restoration team’s assessment.

Call Restoration 1 of Gulf Coast for Black Water Damage

Our team at Restoration 1 of Gulf Coast is equipped to handle black water damage of any scale in your residential or commercial property. We have the proper training, come with advanced equipment, and will ensure that your home is safe once we’ve finished. We are available 24/7 for emergency property restoration services. Call us whenever you need us at 228-231-9745!