Signs Of Water Damage

water damage in hattiesburgUnfortunately, water damage is bound to occur in your home after experiencing some sort of flood, whether that be from a burst pipe or heavy rains. The level of damage that happens all depends on the amount of water and how long it stands. No matter what, it’s important to check for damage immediately because it happens faster than you would believe. The longer water damage sticks around, the worse problems can get, such as the house’s structural integrity and the health of those who live in the affected home. 

Water Damage In Hattiesburg

There are several different signs of water damage that you can look out for on your own. Some can be more subtle than others, so it is important to use all your senses when trying to determine if water damage is present in your home.

Walls, Ceilings, & Floors

The most common indicator of water damage will start to appear on the ceilings, floors, and walls of your house. The paint and wallpaper begin to change first, such as bubbling, cracking, or flaking. These signs can point to water collecting behind the paint. Moreover, the minerals in the water will leech the color from paint and wallpaper, leaving behind a lighter splotch or water stain. Additionally, drywall will change in texture if it has been exposed to excessive moisture, becoming soft and spongy to the touch. When touching the wall, if it feels anything but solid, there can be water damage present in those walls. 

Floors affected by water damage will begin to show through by changing texture and shape. Wood floorboards can buckle, crack, or stain, while tile will separate from the grout. If the subflooring is plywood, it will rot and start to feel spongy and soft. 

Sounds Of Dripping Water

If you can hear running or dripping water when all your faucets are off, there is definitely water damage present in the home. Depending on how bad the damage is, you will hear drips, slow flow, or rushing water. Make sure to listen to the source of the water to find the cause, as these sounds can indicate a leaky/burst pipe. This will need quick attention as you may be able to catch the issue before it turns into something worse. 

Musty Smells

There is a distinct smell that goes along with mold and stagnant water. If you smell this musty scent when trying to discover water damage, this is a clear indicator. It can be found in many places in your home, such as drywall or wood. This distinct smell usually goes hand in hand with mold and water damage. When you first discover the smell, try to track it down to its source to find out the root issue. 

Noticing any of these signs happening in your home can be very alarming, especially if you have never had to deal with them before. Luckily, you do not have to sort out water damage on your own. Contact your local water damage experts for help. If you are in Hattiesburg, Professionals at Restoration 1 of Gulf Coast have the proper knowledge and experience to help you manage the water damage and ease the stress off your shoulders.