How To Prevent Water Damage From Happening In Your Home

water damage cleanup hattiesburgA lot of things can cause water damage in your home, none of which are good. We do not often think about making sure water damage is not happening until we see signs of it. But working to prevent water damage in the first place can help save you from a lot of stress later. Here are some ways to stop water damage from occurring in your house.

1. Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Rain gutters are a wonderful thing when it comes to keeping your home safe from water damage. However, when rain gutters get filled up with leaves, ice, or debris, it clogs them and prevents them from being able to drain water away from your house safely. This can put a strain on areas of your roof, especially when the season changes from winter to spring and snow is trying to melt off the roof. Ensuring your rain gutters are not blocked and free to drain is an essential step to ensuring your home stays safe from water damage. 

2. Check Your Household Appliances For Wear And Tear

We use a lot of appliances daily in our homes. They are meant to make our lives easier. But if a washing machine or dishwasher leaks, we are left with a mess and a headache. Periodically ensuring your appliances are functioning correctly and are not worn down is an excellent way to prevent water damage in your home. Checking appliance parts such as plugs and hoses for signs of damage will help ensure that they are not about to break apart, and replacing any damaged parts before they break and spring a leak will save you from having to deal with it breaking unexpectedly.

3. Make Sure Your Water Pump Is Working Properly

Water pumps are an essential feature of a home as they are used to prevent water damage to the foundation. But like other appliances, water pumps can wear out and require replacing. It is a good idea to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are always working properly to drain any water away from your home. If they do stop working correctly, it can cause water damage to your house’s foundation, which will lead to a lot of more extensive repairs being needed.

4. Check Cabinets, Crawl Spaces, And Attics For Leaks

One of the reasons water damage occurs is that a pipe will leak in an area of the home that is smaller and darker, preventing the water from even beginning to dry up or evaporate on its own. This water will soak in and cause further damage and mold growth. We do not always notice this happening right away. Ensuring that the places in your house with pipes running through them are not experiencing any leaks is a critical way to prevent water damage. If you notice a pipe looking old and worn out, replacing it may be a good idea.

Water Damage Cleanup In Hattiesburg, Mississippi

If you do experience water damage in your Hattiesburg home, call Restoration 1 of the Gulf Coast for your water damage cleanup needs. They will make sure the damage is repaired entirely and safely so you can have peace of mind.