How Professional Water Damage Restoration Mitigates Secondary Damage in Gulf Port

Secondary water damage can run rampant when flooding or leaking situations are not immediately addressed and repaired by a water damage restoration professional. Each water damage circumstance is different, requiring a restoration company to handle the situation very specifically. When water damage restoration is not completed correctly, the price tag for restoration increases exponentially. So, how does a professional water damage restoration provider, like Restoration 1 of The Gulf Coast, control and stop secondary water damage? 

Water Damage Restoration – Gulfport, Mississippi

Rapid Water Extraction

An important first step in professional water damage restoration is rapid water extraction. Often, within a few hours of contacting a professional restoration company, they arrive with industrial-strength equipment and begin removing standing water from the property. Removing standing water prevents it from slowly making its way into the building materials, such as wood, drywall, and sheetrock, thus decreasing the risk of structural damage, mold growth and other secondary problems. In short, the more quickly water is removed after an event, the less damaged a structure will be and the sooner restoration can begin.

water has flooded the living room of a house in Gulfport.

Thorough Moisture Detection And Drying

Moisture can also escape into wall cavities, subfloors, and other out-of-sight places, or be hidden behind baseboards. To locate these hidden pockets of moisture, restoration professionals use industrial-grade moisture detection equipment such as infrared cameras and hygrometers. Then they use industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the affected areas. Eliminating any extra moisture reduces the chance of mold growth, wood rot, and other secondary damage.

Comprehensive Cleaning And Sanitization

Viruses, bacteria, and mold can all be introduced into a home as the result of water damage, and professional water damage restoration involves careful cleaning and sanitization, to eliminate these contaminants so that homes can later be restored to be a safe, healthy environment for occupants. They utilize a variety of EPA-approved disinfectants and antimicrobial treatments to eliminate pathogenic organisms currently present on structures, and serve to reduce the likelihood of future microbial growth. Additionally, the cleaning elements of professional services not only provide health benefits, but also effectively eliminate odors and protect air quality.

Structural Repairs And Restoration

Homes damaged by extensive water may also show signs of structural damage, such as weakened or compromised foundations, bowed floors, and sagging ceilings. Severe structural damage may occur when home owners neglect to properly address minor leaks in plumbing or windows. Professional restoration companies can help. Restoration specialists have the experience and equipment to remedy structural damage. They can remove and replace damaged drywall, insulation, and any other water-damaged material. They can even reinforce structural elements that may have become compromised. They can help prevent further damage to your home.

Mold Remediation

Water damage not only manifests as visible flooding, but it can also cause mold growth. Mold can start multiplying within 24 to 48 hours of the water intrusion and, left unchecked, can spread throughout the home and become a costly and harmful problem. Water damage restoration professionals will provide total mold remediation to prevent or eliminate mold, keeping it from spreading and causing damage to other surfaces. With specialized equipment and techniques, trained technicians will identify mold growth and remove spores from the open air to help prevent further cross-contamination.

Ongoing Monitoring And Prevention

Professional water damage restoration companies will continue to check water damaged areas to ensure that there is no threat of secondary damage even after the restoration process is done. This is essential as signs of moisture can show up long after the event and before mold growth can be seen. The recommended course of action after water damage to a home can be discussed with a professional company offering such services. Professionals are also there to answer any questions that homeowners might have during the restoration process.

The role of a professional water damage restoration company is essential in minimizing secondary damage and maintaining the structural integrity of a home. Whether it is water extraction followed by drying or cleaning and structural repair, the aim is always to mitigate water damage and avoid further damage that can deteriorate a home. In the face of water damage, do not delay in calling us at Restoration 1 of Gulf Coast. Our team of professionals is here to ensure a thorough restoration job in the Gulf Coast, helping to limit costs and health risks, restoring your home and peace of mind.

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