Frequently Asked Questions

It may seem like there are more questions than answers when you are dealing with water, mold or fire & smoke damage. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Emergency Restoration FAQs

Once you have called 911 and the fire department has handled the fire, contact Restoration 1 of Gulf Coast. We’ll dispatch a fire damage restoration team to your property immediately. Upon arrival, our crew will assess the damage and begin restoration efforts.

We work quickly and efficiently to clean all fire and smoke damage. However, the process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. It all depends on the extent of the damage and any ensuing effects from the fire.


Keep safe! We do not recommend that anyone besides professionals enter the property after fire damage. There are numerous risks for injury and further damage after a fire, from weakened structural supports and smoke contamination.


No, let our restoration team handle the cleanup. We work around the clock to restore your property using the most innovative techniques and advanced restoration equipment. Your home or business property will be fully cleaned and restored once we’re finished!


Any item left in your home will be catalogued and detailed in a comprehensive list for your consideration. We will salvage and clean any items possible. For any possessions that are deemed unsalvageable, we will explain how these items were properly disposed of.


Following significant property damage, safety concerns include contamination, structural integrity (stability of the building), smoke odors, and mold spores. We do our best to handle each safety concern in turn, using advanced restoration equipment and techniques.


If there are any items close to you that you need immediately, we will do our very best to salvage and restore them and return them to you. Please let our team know of any such item and their last known whereabouts within the property.


We keep a detailed list of each item we remove from the property. These items are broken down into categories based on their location and condition. Any item we cannot restore will be disposed of properly, and we will document this for you.



If there are any special items, including artwork or heirlooms, that you’d like us to focus on, please let our restoration team know as soon as possible. Provide a detailed description and last known whereabouts for each item, so we may locate them quickly.


We recommend filing an insurance claim with your provider for coverage. However, many homeowners choose to pay for minor damage themselves to avoid any increased premiums on their insurance.



You should absolutely speak with your insurance company and receive information on how the claims will be handled. Depending on the overall cost and possible rise in premiums, it is up to you whether to file a claim, or pay out-of-pocket for restoration services.


We do make ourselves available around the clock for any questions your insurance adjuster may have.


Our restoration experts are highly-trained and equipped to identify potentially harmful chemicals and materials, including asbestos or lead. However, we operate using strict safety protocols. If a situation is deemed unsafe for our team, we will step back and call a specialist to inspect the situation.


We primarily handle restoration services. Our team will restore your home to its original condition or install a few minor upgrades. However, for significant renovations or additions, a separate contractor may be required.


Mold Remediation FAQs

Mildew is a light-colored, smelly fungus that is relatively easy to identify and clean. Mold, however, is indicative of a more severe infestation, and can cause allergic reactions and long-term respiratory illness. Mold also causes extensive property damage.

Typically, mold is green or black in color. It is often found on a variety of surfaces, where it will have a raised appearance.


The cost for mold remediation services varies, depending on the amount of mold we discover and how early the infestation was caught. Furthermore, the location of the mold growth, and whether repairs or replacements are required, will add to the cost.

Following excess moisture or improperly handled water damage, mold can grow in as little as 24 hours. It can start to spread within one day, or up to a few weeks, depending on conditions.

Again, keep safe! Yes – you do typically require a mold remediation expert to evaluate your property for mold. Mold spreads quickly and is frequently hidden, which makes it difficult for the average homeowner or business owner to fully identify affected areas.


We work efficiently, so it often requires a few days to a few weeks to fully remove mold. Every situation is unique, though. We can give you a better estimate when we assess your property in person.

Mold remediation is the act of cleaning, removing, sanitizing, and treating the presence of mold. Due to our processes, we can prevent future mold growth in the same area, too.

One common sign of mold growth we often see is moisture building up under flooring and behind the walls. Such symptoms cannot easily be identified without advanced equipment – that’s why our mold experts bring specialized equipment to detect mold spores in any structure.

Mold is known to cause a variety of health issues. Some people are more sensitive to mold than others, but mold affects everyone. Symptoms may include throat irritation, eye irritation, wheezing, coughing, respiratory illness, rashes, fever, and worse. Mold can even cause depression. And as you’d expect, mold is also harmful to pets.