Dealing With Mold Growth After a Major Storm on the Gulf Coast

Photo by Arran Jesson for Shutterstock

In our Gulf Coast region of Mississippi, we are no strangers to powerful, rain-heavy storms that can wreak major havoc on the surrounding area. With that much stagnant water, there are always risks of flooding, both on the roads and inside of properties. Just this past October, Hurricane Michael set us into tropical storm watch, and encouraged mobilization of all of our emergency personnel in case things took a turn for the worst.  

Unfortunately, water is not the only thing that could damage your home in the Gulf Coast after a storm. Mold growth is a real possibility.

The High Humidity Levels

When substantial storms make their way into the area, high levels of humidity do, too. Especially due to our close proximity to the water, humidity is something we deal with on the regular. But storms often bring out the highest levels, and it can seep into homes naturally through the opening of doors or improperly sealed windows and cause condensation on surfaces. Mold spores often linger in dust, so if you have any dust gathering, it could easily become mold in no time at all.

In your home, the humidity should never be above 50-55 percent, and your air unit needs to always be in top shape to keep the air circulating. Dampness anywhere is the perfect condition for the spores to thrive, and areas of high precipitation always have to be concerned.

Reassess Your Home’s Ventilation

Regardless on whether or not we have just experienced a storm, any residential or commercial property owner in the Gulf Coast region should always monitor their ventilation systems. This means routinely servicing heating and air conditioning units, making sure that all fans are working around the home and in the bathrooms (where mold is the most likely to grow), and considering installing a dehumidifier for added assurance if the 50 percent threshold is continually being pushed.

Call Restoration 1 of Gulf Coast After Any Major Storm

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