Water Categories and the Effects of Water Damage in the Gulf Coast

Water damage can devastate your home. Besides the obvious issues like flooding and moisture, you also have hidden dangers that must be addressed. To help homeowners and experts restore a home safely after water damage, a classification was formed to denote the type of water damage and its severity. The more severe the water damage, the worse […]

Five Things to Do if Your Home Has Frozen Pipes

The dropping temperatures of winter can have drastic results on even the most advanced plumbing systems. If your home is not properly prepared, you may be in for quite a bit of trouble. Frozen pipes are all too common in cold areas. Most homeowners in such environments prepare accordingly. What about here on the Gulf […]

How to Prevent a Home Fire During the Holidays in the Gulf Coast

The holiday season is a time of joy and wonder. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners know that the holiday season can also bring risks. In fact, house fires occur more frequently during the holiday season than during any other time of the year. According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 170 house fires occur each […]

Dealing With Mold Growth After a Major Storm on the Gulf Coast

In our Gulf Coast region of Mississippi, we are no strangers to powerful, rain-heavy storms that can wreak major havoc on the surrounding area. With that much stagnant water, there are always risks of flooding, both on the roads and inside of properties. Just this past October, Hurricane Michael set us into tropical storm watch, and […]

How Your Property in the Gulf Coast Area Could be Affected by a Hurricane

A hurricane is, single-handedly, one of the worst types of storms that coastal regions can endure. Take a look at the recent Hurricane Florence, for example. This massive storm led to between $19 billion and $28.5 billion in property damage. That’s billions of dollars, to be clear. That’s an outstanding amount of money in damages […]