Biloxi Businesses Need an Emergency Commercial Disaster Restoration Plan

By S_Photo at Shutterstock

For many companies along the Gulf Coast, commercial disaster recovery is an everyday part of life. We routing face off against tropical storms and hurricanes coming in from the Gulf. These storms wreak absolute havoc upon the region. Your business — big or small — is bound to take a hit. The ensuing water damage, flood damage and even fire damage can take a massive amount of recovery and cleanup effort.

Unfortunately, most companies do not have a disaster restoration plan in place. You’ve likely heard the saying that prevention is the best form of medicine. Well, that age-old saying reigns true for commercial disasters, too. The better prepared you are, the less property damage you’ll ultimately face.

Commercial Disaster Recovery Plan

First and foremost, when crafting your initial commercial disaster recovery plan in Biloxi, MS, your goal is to prevent accidents and serious loss. Even minor loss can affect your business as a whole. As such, consider storing critical documents safely, backup all files, and assess focal points around the office. For instance, check the indoor plumbing regularly, schedule roof inspections and ensure your landscaping is appropriate for the best drainage.

Depending on the size of your company, you may wish to hire a risk manager to oversee these issues and to work with insurance companies and restoration companies. A small company, however, won’t have the same luxury. You’ll have to rely on your own employees to prevent damage.

Creating a Commercial Recovery Plan

No matter the size of your business, it’s essential to have a plan in place. You’re likely wondering how to get started. These are the most important steps when crafting a commercial disaster recovery plan:

  • Establish an emergency plan and practice it regularly with employees.
  • Assign every employee responsibilities that are simple to understand and enact.
  • Create a thorough list of phone numbers and addresses.
  • Setup a system to inform customers of the disaster — social media, for example.
  • Compile critical documents and assess cash values of all your assets.
  • Ensure your company has insurance.
  • Backup and duplicate your crucial documents and files.
  • Plan to setup your business in a temporary location to keep workflow moving along.
  • Setup off-site data storage to protect files, passwords, etc.

Consider Your Insurance Policy

You have an insurance policy for your business. Every company in the region has one in place for damages or disaster. You’ll want to make sure your policy provides enough coverage, and the right type of coverage for any disaster you may face.

For example, if you live in a flood zone, be sure to have flood insurance. Your average policy will not provide coverage for flood damage.

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